Precedents: Playful Spaces


Sophie Mattoon

Our group made a rocking chair that is designed to help children ages 3-6 with motor skill development. It is a multifunctional piece that will not only be a chair but a play toy as well. 

Our goal was to make furniture for the Montessori school that was multi-funcational and also able to cater to different age groups. All the furniture needed to be made directly for children and the children needed to be able to move the furniture by themselves. 

This project is important because a child should learn both mentally and physically. When learning about the Montessori teaching method, we saw a lot about movement. The children were encouraged to get up, play, and travel around the classroom. We also saw a lot about self-awareness. Our design’s rocking motion is recreational, but it also can help a child be aware of their body.  As the child plays on the chair, they are learning to balance and navigate their surroundings.