CALM LENSES - Margarita de Llopart-Mascaró Reyes

C  A  L  M

L  E  N  S  E  S

Margarita de Llopart-Mascaró Reyes

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Project Statement

My project consists in color changing glasses to see your surroundings with a calm color filter. Using color psychology, we can affect the human mood though calm colors (such as blue or green) to help relax when feeling stressed, nervous or agitated. 

These glasses have removable lenses (made with color cellophane) to pick the color the person desires to see their surroundings. And the interior part of these glasses are covered with foam to make them more comfortable and relaxing.

These glasses are for those who often feel stressed, nervous, agitated, anxious or even have trouble to go to sleep, and will use these glasses to calm themselves if they are going through a stressful time or feel the need to feel undisturbed.