Cyborg Enhancements

The making of Fanciful Beasts

Miki Villanueva

Worshop Room

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Alien’s head

Alba Girós and Carlota Altimiras
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We made a alien’s head. It have a big eye to ser bitter and antenas fot listen

Translator Watch

Bernat Vergara
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The cricket pick

Lorenzo Perrone

Hi im lorenzo and this is me

Big Eye

Oriol Oliveras

I create a big eye have to more vision.

The making of Brainstorming activity (part I)

Miki Villanueva
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Field of view amplifier

Bernat Vergara

  Humans do not see the 360 degrees around us. The solution is my invention because when I wear it I can see in front of and behind. It is better to see in front of and behind. You also can use this object to see a movie or look a video when you are walking.  

Field of view amplifier 

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Dig like a mole

Guillem Vergara and Oriol Oliveras

Dig like a mole

Have you ever wondered how a mole digs? This project tries to solve that question

First of all say that the idea came when we though about moles. We thought how would be digging like them. So we tried to copy the way that they dig. First they set aside the sand and then with the feet helping to dig better.

That was our problem. How can we do to be like them?. To dig as they dig. We tried to copy their hands and claws, but it wasn't enough. So we thought of adding a membrane to help. Then we started with the feet. We thought about pasting it to an old sock, but it wasn't viable. Then we thought, "How about sandals?". We added two elastic tapes to make it fit.

This invention will help digging in the gardens so we think it's a great idea. Also will help gardeners to keep the garden clean.


Roger Huguet

Hand To Reach Higher

You've wanted to get to places you don't reach to.

With my solution you can reach high places and also you can grab things.

My solution is based for small people that can't reach in some places and they have to grab a chair or something like this. I created because I wanted to reach high places without grabing a chair or a ladder. I made it with a cuting laser machine, wood, and PVC.

The Tool Hand

Marc Huguet

The Tool Hand

Do you want to have more accessibility to the simplest tools

My Project is about to have more accessibility to the simpplest tools because, some mechanics will have more tools in his hand and they will do the work more easily.

I made it of elastic band and different simplest tools. If I would have more time I would improve my cyborg and make it more comfortable and more extra things.