Health Wearable Technology Studio [Master]


Clara Lloret and Clara Lloret



Breathe under water

Guillem Vergara and Guillem Vergara

Breathe Under Water

The Breathe Under Water project is made to address humans' lack of ability to breathe under water. It is designed to go along the surface, just below snorkelling level, but not to go as deep as scubadiving. Furthermore, it can help people who don't know how to swim or are incapable of it. It would be far cheaper than scuba diving equipment, so more people would be able to buy it. 

The Breathe Under Water works by separating the hydrogen and the oxygen from the molecule of the water. This process is called electrolysis. The hydrogen is let go through a tube, and the oxygen mixes with stored nitrogen using a sensor that detects the amount of oxygen and nitrogen needed (it has to be 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen). This sensor regulates all the air you breathe. There's also a security sensor, in case you are not breathing the correct amount of the components.

Warmer Shoes

David Campderros



My project is based on a shoe insole with a heater that serves to avoid cold feet. I have created it because cold feet are unpleasant and my idea is quite good to avoid it. 

That project can avoid the hypothermia, the project is quite important, it helps people with cold feet.

For the prototype I have not used complicated materials, cardboard, nicrhoma wire, an energy generator and some cables to connect them with the generator to the template.

People with cold feet will use it to avoid having it anymore.


Clara Lloret


The project is about a necklace with different cologne pots inside it. These will contain a different fragment each.

The idea is that the smells that are in the pots are of a specific memory or sensation. It has been proven that smells make you remember and transport you in some way to the place where you smelled that aroma, so when you put one of the scents on it, it will be to remember or feel something again.

The necklace can be very helpful to people who are having a hard time and want to be able to remember what it was like to be happy to move on ... Everything and what I know, it can be used for many other things, such as to help remember people with , for example alzeimer.

The materials I have used to make this example of a souvenir necklace is mostly wood. This has been custom cut and designed to fit. To simulate the different cologne bottles I have used different colored straws to simulate the different essences.

sugar in blood

Mar Roca

Smart Coaster

David Zafra


Carlota Aparicio

Presentation HUGO final project

Hugo Jimenez


Elena Ferrer

My product is a pajamas shirt that contains melatonin substance and because it is breathable, when you put it on it relaxes you and helps you sleep.

Sea Camelback

Vanessa Uceira

My project is a backpack that transforms sea water into fresh water through evaporation of it, I have chosen this project because there is very little fresh water in the world and a lot of salt so I have thought about being able to give it a little more use to sea water, with this I solve or at least take a small step to solve the lack of fresh water around the world.

For what is the backpack in general I have used a kind of fairly resistant fabric, to make the mechanism inside I have used a piece of red wood to simulate the heating plate, two plastic bags, one for salt water and one for fresh water, another plastic bag and wire for the funnel, a rubber tube, cords for the closure of the backpack and some handles as for the blinds.