Health Wearable Technology Studio [Master]

The desalinating backpack

Pol Piera

Reverse umbrella - Valentin Perrone

Valentin Perrone

Studio Introduction

Joselyn McDonald

Wearable technology is increasingly prevalent. The Apple Watch lets you monitor your daily fitness, read emails, summon Siri, and make and receive phone calls from your wrist. Clothes and bags made of flexible solar panels, such as Voltaic System’s Solar Backpack, power up your electronics and charge them as you go. Too many harmful invisible particles in the air? No problem, Baubles, and Bangles is a futuristic personal air purifier worn on the wrist that will cleanse the air. Wearable technology even includes gaming techniques to promote better health, such as the Valedo Back Therapy product designed to help people with lower back pain. In the healthcare industry, wearable technology is being used to overcome big problems, and all around the world, designers are creating smart and responsive apparel, accessories, fitness wear, and assistive devices to enhance people’s everyday life. Are you ready to make the next breakthrough product in health-focused wearable tech?

In this Studio, students will design and develop health-related wearable technology products focusing on physical, mental, or environmental wearable health interventions. Using innovative approaches, materials, and technologies, students will learn how to design wearable tech products that will augment and improve the capabilities of themselves or someone they know. After exploring myriad medical and/or environmental challenges, students will design, build and potentially program wearable tech products from the ground up, test them, and see how their products perform. Through this process, students will learn sketching techniques and prototyping processes, all while being exposed to the iterative design process. Students will learn how to harness simple 'mechanical' systems to add interactivity to their projects. In the end, students will learn the design and engineering skills needed to bring their vision to reality!

Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements

Chris Perry



Rob Ives' Essential Mechanisms

Chris Perry

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The Physical Toolbox is a learning resource that is tactile, interactive, and collectable. Within the parameters of a 90mm x 52mm casing, a limitless world of methodology unfolds. The collection highlights various techniques and best practices in hand modeling, digital fabrication, mechanisms, and electronics- intended to serve as learning resources for makers of all age groups.

Storyboarding HUGO

Hugo Jimenez

Hydration Sensor

Marc Huguet

Hydration Sensor

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My project simulates a hydration sensor, to check if you are sufficiently hydrated, as it is a very essential thing in our body, as dehydration can cause fatigue and nauseas.

I have adapted it to be a conductivity sensor. For example, if you put a metal or banana or fabric with water and salt, on it, the green LED turns on. On the other hand, if you put your finger on it, it will not turn on because it isn't conductive. I made it with a 4.5V battery connected to a resistor where it goes directly to the LED, and then connects a brad on another part of the battery and the other brad to the resistor. I use plastic, a green LED, an inner tube, wires, a resistor, 2 brads, tape and blue foam.

If you have high conductivity indicates high hydration. Also with low conductivity you are dehydrated. The green light indicates conductivity and hydration. This device can be used by everyone no matter their age.

C  A  L  M

L  E  N  S  E  S

Margarita de Llopart-Mascaró Reyes

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Project Statement

My project consists in color changing glasses to see your surroundings with a calm color filter. Using color psychology, we can affect the human mood though calm colors (such as blue or green) to help relax when feeling stressed, nervous or agitated. 

These glasses have removable lenses (made with color cellophane) to pick the color the person desires to see their surroundings. And the interior part of these glasses are covered with foam to make them more comfortable and relaxing.

These glasses are for those who often feel stressed, nervous, agitated, anxious or even have trouble to go to sleep, and will use these glasses to calm themselves if they are going through a stressful time or feel the need to feel undisturbed.

Final Presentation

Pol Badrena