Final Presentation

Francesc Sanahuja

Delightful Interventions

Studio D

Francesc and Álvaro

My project is a planter cover with a magnetic target on the bottom.

The reason for the project is that the inside walls of the planter are a little rusty to make it look better aesthetically and the built-in dartboard is to give it more utility.

The cover is made of fabric hooked with magnets and the target is made of cardboard with a layer of adhesive magnets and another layer of colored paper to make it look nicer is hooked to a cardboard that is the one that slides through the wood that make the function of rails that are below, there are also included hinges for the target is lifted forward.

People who have a planter and want to play with the dartboards  

The End Bird-House ( ;

Julia and Julia

The End

Bird-House ( ;


Project Statement:

My project is a house for sparrows at school, so they don't go hungry or thirsty. They have a plastic trough and feeder, the trough is inside and the trough is outside to attract the birds, under the trough there is a wooden pole for the birds to nest while they eat. In front of the door there is a wooden ramp, so the birds can be nestled in one place, different from the wooden pole that is under the feeder so that other birds can eat while they are poised on the wooden pole.

Inside the wooden house there is cotton to represent the nest.

Everything is hooked with silicone.

I have designed it with inkscape and I have cut the wood with the laser printer.

Final presentation

Jordi Dods

Safe corner

Jordi Dods Guillem

The objective of this project is to make it so that the tables and furniture edges in general are safer, especially for the younger kids at the school. The invention is a protective cover made out of Play-Doh for the tables and furniture it's aspheric, and as a fun extra make it so that there's a drawing board attached to a wooden plank. It is also adaptable to any type of corner.


Marina Cazcarro and Marina Cazcarro

Our house for the TOOTH FAIRY

Marina and Alexandra

Bird House

Carlota Altimiras

Delightful Interventions


Carlota Altimiras Bages

My idea was to turn a dirty and ugly house into a pretty, visible and useful one. I sanded and painted the bird house, Then, with Inkscape I made wings and then cut them with a laser machine, so I had  wood wings to turn the bird house into a bird, I made a place to put some foot to attract the birds, I painted the wings with a specific colors and then painted a "mallarenga" on the back because it's a bird house for this specific bird.

final presentation

Pol Badrena

The goal

Pol Badrena, Arnau Ribas, Alejandro Cazcarro, Neco Ruiz

Final Presentation

Bernat Vergara

My own soccer goal

By Bernat Vergara Jiménez

plant pot

Valentina Gnagnarello
plant pot final[1].pptx