Shadow? Rain? No problem

Shadow? Rain? No problem

Aitana Aparicio

Aitana Aparicio Vázquez


Project statement 

My project is to reform a chill out and create a bioclimatic awning to do shadow. The space in which I have done my work is on the roof of the school, a space where we have a vegetable patch, birds, and also some tables and chairs, which in this case are the ones I have decided to work with. My overall idea is to reform the chairs and tables, making them more comfortable and playful, putting cushions, some games. Also doing a "pérgola bioclimática", which is like an awning that has aluminum foil that can be moved according to how the sun is, and can be closed and opened for rain or shadow.  

To make the model of the awning I have made 9 cardboard sheets, I have cut them to the same size and I have hooked them to some toothpicks that will be hooked to the support, so that the sheets rotate. 

My design can be used by everyone, whenever they want. You are all invited!