basket trash

Judith Salvat and Hugo Jiménez

It’s rubbish that has a basketball hoop to make it more fun. We did this project because there was a trunk of a cut tree and we thought we could take advantage of that trunk to make our prototype. When the people in the park pass by you will see a basket and draw your attention to it, then they will approach and see that it is rubbish inside a log. They will want to throw something in the trash so they can shoot in the basketball hoop.

It’s made of wood, feather cardboard to make it durable, and we painted it red to get more attention.

It will be very useful for the people in the park, they will have a better time.

Shadow? Rain? No problem

Aitana Aparicio

Aitana Aparicio Vázquez


Project statement 

My project is to reform a chill out and create a bioclimatic awning to do shadow. The space in which I have done my work is on the roof of the school, a space where we have a vegetable patch, birds, and also some tables and chairs, which in this case are the ones I have decided to work with. My overall idea is to reform the chairs and tables, making them more comfortable and playful, putting cushions, some games. Also doing a "pérgola bioclimática", which is like an awning that has aluminum foil that can be moved according to how the sun is, and can be closed and opened for rain or shadow.  

To make the model of the awning I have made 9 cardboard sheets, I have cut them to the same size and I have hooked them to some toothpicks that will be hooked to the support, so that the sheets rotate. 

My design can be used by everyone, whenever they want. You are all invited! 


Ariadna Gállego

At the entrance of the school there is a tree that has a very ugly tube next to it. Our idea was to turn this tube into something beautiful, so the idea of putting a mushroom came to our mind. Our idea is that inside of the mushroom there are some little figures of tiny people and if people look closely they can see them. The materials that we used to create the mushroom are: paper mache, glue, a plastic tube, the 3D printer and permanent markers. Our mushroom will be used by people who look closely at the tiny people that are inside.


Alexandra Brasé
Our project consists of painting a window, we want to paint it on both sides because if it is closed you will see one drawing inside and another outside.
What we want to change in that place is that the moment people pass by they are impressed and that when they pass by that place seeing that window transmits joy to them. this site can improve because if there is a boring place and suddenly that painted window appears, that place is not so boring anymore.
I think that the reaction that people can have when seeing the project is good

Three Holes Three Bins

Oriol Domingo and Oriol Domingo

Three Holes Three Bins

Oriol Domingo

Pol Barril

David Campderrós

This project consists in take advantage of the holes in the table than we have on the terrace. And not repair with wood, that is to say as it was before. We puted three bins one for paper one for plastic and one for organic


Lev Belyi


Lev Belyi

This project consists in a decorated trash container designed to grab the viewers attention and inform them on ecology and plastic. This will encourage them to recycle instead of just being a big boring grey box. The trash container has papers with colorful text and a 3d printed piece glued to it.