Mushroom final presentation

Mushroom final presentation

Marta Ramírez

In front of the main door of the school there is a tube next to a tree.

I think that my project would change the world so that the girls who wait to enter the school or just the boys who pass by there can entertain themselves for a while, they will be surprised but they will surely heal by finding mushrooms on the street and it will be a very good decoration. for children.

I used different materials, for the trunk we used a white hard plastic tube, I covered it with light brown pieces of paper. For the shell we used as a vase as a rocker and we covered it with mache paper, when it was dry we covered it with red paper and then we painted white rounds, and to finish we made 5 children with the 3d machine and we put a support on him to hold them.

It is a project that we can give a lot of benefit to.