Melek Coma-Cros

Tinhyko Noguera

Melek Coma-cros

Fancy wallbars

Alba Girós



We have made an interactive drawing so that the children are not afraid to climb on the wall bars. These Wall bars are located in the school gym. We want to make this drawing so that children can climb without thinking about it. We decided to draw a castle so that the children would think they were on top of a castle. To make the interactive drawing we made different fruits, so that the children could climb up and stick them on. 

We did this project to make it easier for the physical education teacher to encourage the children to go up the wall bars.

basket trash

Judith Salvat

It’s rubbish that has a basketball hoop to make it more fun. We did this project because there was a trunk of a cut tree and we thought we could take advantage of that trunk to make our prototype. When the people in the park pass by you will see a basket and draw your attention to it, then they will approach and see that it is rubbish inside a log. They will want to throw something in the trash so they can shoot in the basketball hoop.

It’s made of wood, feather cardboard to make it durable, and we painted it red to get more attention.

It will be very useful for the people in the park, they will have a better time.


Andrea Camera



By Andrea Camera Ribera

My project is a teepee that is placed on the terrace of the ESO. It is designed so that on very hot summer days people can have a comfortable and shady place to be, and on rainy winter days a place in the open air where they can find shelter. This will be of great help for all the students of Escola l'Horitzó since they will be able to go outside and enjoy their recess even if it rains or is very hot.

This project is very easy to carry out since you only need four straight wooden sticks to act as columns and a waterproof fabric on the outside to cover the wooden sticks.


Ralph Daquinta

Ralph Daquinta Martinez

Lluís Miño Benguerel


Mushroom final presentation

Marta Ramírez

In front of the main door of the school there is a tube next to a tree.

I think that my project would change the world so that the girls who wait to enter the school or just the boys who pass by there can entertain themselves for a while, they will be surprised but they will surely heal by finding mushrooms on the street and it will be a very good decoration. for children.

I used different materials, for the trunk we used a white hard plastic tube, I covered it with light brown pieces of paper. For the shell we used as a vase as a rocker and we covered it with mache paper, when it was dry we covered it with red paper and then we painted white rounds, and to finish we made 5 children with the 3d machine and we put a support on him to hold them.

It is a project that we can give a lot of benefit to.

Decorate windows

Laia de Vicente and Alexandra Brasé

Our project consists of painting a window, we want to paint it on both sides because if it is closed you will see one drawing inside and another outside.

What we want to change in that place is that the moment people pass by they are impressed and that when they pass by that place seeing that window transmits joy to them. this site can improve because if there is a boring place and suddenly that painted window appears, that place is not so boring anymore.

I think that the reaction that people can have when seeing the project is good

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